Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Maybe they should call it Hallo-suck.

My Halloween kind of sucked. I was the only one dressed up in my classes (edit, that's a lie, there was someone dressed up as "The Spirit of Adventure, who asked "What are you supposed to be? Cute?" which kind of threw me off), and even though people thought it was cool I missed out on comparing costumes with people.

Then I went home and carved the pumpkins my mom bought (I'll post a picture if I ever figure out how to post pics with my new camera phone (!!!) She also got us pumpkin ice cream, which was extraordinarily nice of her. I wanted to watch Nightmare Before Christmas as per my usual Halloween ritual, but I had papers to grade so I did that instead (while looking up occaisionally to watch parts of "Ninja Warrior") until about five minutes ago. I think I'll watch it tomorrow or the next day, because DAMMIT, I need my Tim Burton fix.

Normally Halloween is my favorite holiday, but this year it was just kind of like "eh."

REEL BIG FISH CONCERT AND VIP MEET AND GREET WITH KACEY (my roommate from freshman year of college) TOMORROW!!! I get to freakin' meet the band, man!

p.s. I'm getting my hair done soon, and I made a post about it over here with some reference pictures. I'm choosing between a few styles, so any input you have would be good.

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