Friday, November 03, 2006

BIG LONG POST: Reel Big Fish and other craziness

I think it took me this long to actually process everything that happened Wednesday night...

So I went to school, did my thing, and got picked up at 4 by Cj. We went downtown and met up with Kacey (my, or I guess I should say our, roommate from college) and Jeff (my sound op from Cabaret) downtown to wait for the meet and greet. They didn't get tickets to the VIP part for some reason (computer glitches), but it turned out the band manager held off to do the meet and greet until close to show time, so we just hung out at the venue and chatted until it was time.

The band was really cool. A little out of it or just not totally into the whole talking to the fans thing, but not cold. Of course I was pretty low key too, not wanting to be a crazy fan girl. Cj gave them his script for the Reel Big Opera and they seemed pretty enthused, so that was cool. We got a free 2 disc live set and a dvd and a t-shirt for them to sign before the security ushered us back out of the venue until showtime (which wasn't too long, just enough for us to stand in line and pick up our tickets). When we got inside I bought this AWESOME RBF hoodie with three piratey galleon-type ships on it with Reel Big Fish written in kind of an antiquey font. (thank you Kacey!)

There were two opening bands (technically three but I wasn't a big fan of Streetlight Manifesto, although apparently all the 14 year old aggro boys loved them): Westbound Train, whose lead singer took a little break in the beginning of their set to lecture the angry teenagers about talking to pretty girls instead of slamming into eachother in the mosh pit, and Suburban Legends (AWESOME) who did a huge choreographed dance routine and threw their instruments up ten feet in the air. SO cool. The third band was kind of a letdown, but then Reel Big Fish came on and all was good. I ended up standing on two chairs with Cj in front of me to catch me if I fell (I was jumping on the chairs and singing along for most of the set). They played most of my favorites, and though I felt like it could've been a more enthusiastic show, I still had a fantastic time.

After the show we got out and it was raining, so we walked back to Kacey's car in the rain, she drove us to our car, and we convinced her to stay the night instead of driving home 7 hours at midnight in the rain. When we got home, though, the power was out, so we lit a whole bunch of candles and I busted out my little nano tripod speakers and we listened to music, ate tuna sandwiches, and played with the dog until it was time to go to bed. Kacey had to leave in the morning cause she's in tech for a show, but all in all it was a pretty fantastic time.

I wish she lived closer. :/ Gotta try and get into Cal Arts.

Anyway, I'm feeling great about the rest of this quarter and the next one... Prometheus is going well and I figured out that since it's such a huge project and it'll totally take over the dance concert if I let it, I'll cut out a couple of sections for the concert and develop them in the workshop production for my grad class, so one way or the other I'll get to work on all the pieces I want to, just not all at the same time. I'm directing for the staged reading festival which is coming up in about 4 weeks, and the final grad project is due in about 5. The dance concert isn't until February.

Next quarter it looks like I'll be taking these classes:

History of Clothing and Costume (fulfills my Theatrical Theory or History requirement)
New Plays Workshop (basically I get to direct a workshop production with the input of the playwright)
Random: With a Purpose (the class that goes along with the dance concert)
TA'ing for Senior Seminar

I might take an independent study to work on another draft of Pinocchio, but I dunno. Then if The Last Five Years gets accepted for production, I'll be directing that hopefully mid-February to late March, when the quarter ends.

Waah! Lots of stuff, but it's all good stuff. I like being busy.

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