Friday, October 27, 2006

Ah, the life of a TA.

When I made an announcement that I wouldn't accept any late papers except in extreme circumstances, I didn't mean extreme as in "I haven't done it." Oh, and I've had at least three seperate people be like, "I haven't done the assignment and I don't have a good reason and I know I told you this three days after it was due, and I've never come to your office hours, but I really want an A in the class."


Tonight I went with Cj and my parents to see the show. I usually know I've done a good job on a show when my mom approves, so it was great to hear her point out my favorite part in the whole show and tell me how much she liked it. :) Afterwards Cj and I went out to sushi and got sat next to a big party of high school kids *_* who must've sang happy birthday to this one girl three times in ten minutes. Grah. Cj asked the hostess if we could be reseated, and we were... right next to four of the most blitzed stoners I've ever seen in my life.

"Duuude... I forgot my own NAME."

So. not much happened... but somehow it felt like quite an eventful night.

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