Wednesday, March 24, 2004

A Day of Not Much At All

Warning: This post is humungous. Just thought I'd tell you.

What time did Gina and Allison wake up this morning?

Okay, it's really more of a "When did Gina wake up question." Cause Al was up way before me due to the sickness (Cj, her roommate Adam got her sick, not me. His whole family has the plague. So screw you for judging me!). But anyway, I woke up at about 3:30 Canada time, which is normal for American time (like, 1-ish). But then Al and I were like, yeah. We can't go out on like, a shopping rampage when there are only a few hours of daylight left. Soooo what to do. The shoe museum was discussed (as previously mentioned, I am a shoe whore), but we both just kindof went, "No, we must explore extensively. There is no time!" So we established a schedule: Lunch, Drugstore for hair dye and cold-easing things, Groceries, then home and possibly a movie.

Lunch was a modest affair, at a place called Shakespeare's Cafe, where the lady misheard my order (it's okay, the chicken soup was good), then stole Allison's ATM card. Well, not really stole so much as forgot she had it, and then when Allison asked "Do you have my ATM card? I think I left it with you," the lady went, "No, sorry!" Then Al thought she was going crazy, checked every pocket she had, and then finally just had to go back to the lady and say, "No, I really think you have my ATM card." Which she did. Have the card, I mean.

After the food we sat in the cafe and discussed life (it sounds so bohemian, doesn't it). This led to the formation of THE PLAN, in which Allison transfers to UCSB for a Photography major and gets an internship with Annie Leibovitz. Meanwhile, her roommate Adam moves to California too, joins the band Ten Foot Pole (or other famous-ish bands), and becomes insanely famous (catapulting us to stardom as well, somehow). Such is THE PLAN

Did I mention we spent 4 hours in the cafe coming up with it?

Then we headed over to Shoppers, where we had a long and intricate discussion about the psychological implications of hair dye and whether or not we were just kidding ourselves that hair dye makes a person's life better. I maintain that yes, it does, to a certain extent. Allison assumed the "con" position. Then I exhibited my characteristic (with Allison anyways) stubborn pushiness and just bought the damn hair dye. An hour well spent, methinks.

Then to Dominion for groceries (doesn't it sound like a Nazi supermarket or something? The Canadians are gonna kill me for that one), and back to the house. Allison made tofu and polenta stir fry with soy sauce, and I made baked polenta with parmesan cheese. Needless to say, there was much polenta. In fact, there's still a lot left over. We then made plans to meet up with Adam and Misha (guitarist for Bulb) to go see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (faaaabulous movie) in the posher end of Toronto. However, due to Gina and Allison's genetic predisposition (being women) to spend a great deal of time in the bathroom, we got into the movie five minutes or so late, so didn't see Adam and Misha until afterwards. We walked by the Vera Wang Toronto salon on the way back to the apartment, though, which was awesome (Em! Seriously awesome!). Then Adam and Misha ditched us to go be fabulous musicians, damn them. So Al and I compensated by watching Singing in the Rain and eating Ben & Jerry's.

I should be a gay man, since I say fabulous so much.

Now it's 5:30 in the morning here, and we've decided to scale down our plans for tomorrow so we don't KILL ourselves. So tomorrow probably just Shoe Museum, and maybe a little shopping or dyeing of hair, instead of a huge shopping escapade.

Tune in tomorrow for another wacky adventure.

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