Monday, March 22, 2004

Welcome to Canada!

So yeah. Now I'm in Canada. And they have different moneys. And there were a bunch of guys on the bus talking very very fast french with a thick accent. And Allison and I had sushi, then went to collect numerous friends at the U of T dorms (wherein I took off the many layers of thick clothing it takes to fend off the cold here). We finally got to the The Horseshoe (super cool pub/tavern) where Bulb, the band Allison's roommate Adam plays in, and guess who forgot her purse at the dorms, and with it her ID and any hope of getting into the Bulb show.

Yeah. That was me.

But we booked it back to the dorms (in 1 of 3 cabs we took this evening), got my ID, got back to the Horseshoe, and finally ran into the pub right as Bulb was playing. It was a fabulous show, and I have to say, as their #1 hardcore fan who flew all the way from California to Toronto to see them, they made me very proud. Allison soon hopes to put up song clips, but until then you'll have to wait until my Dad gets his hands on the CD copy I got him and spreads it all over the internet, thus launching them to worldwide fame.

Yay Canada!

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