Thursday, March 25, 2004

Too tired last night to post
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Yesterday was quite eventful. We woke up at around the same time we had been previously (2 or 3ish), ate some polenta and tofu for breakfast, and then headed out to Kensington with Adam (Bulb guitarist, Al's roommate) for some shopping in vintage stores and cheese-buying. The cheese buying, I must say, was amazing. We went to an actual cheese shop where they cut of sample slices of whatever cheese you wanted so you could taste it beforehand. We bought about a half pound of Mozzarella and the same of Canadian Parmesan. Yuuuum.

Then we went to a few vintage stores, where they have lots of silk screen-type patterns that you can put on one of any number of styles of shirts. Adam got a Frank Zappa shirt to wear at open mic night that night, as well as a pair of pinkish red striped corduroys (I got an almost identical blue pair). Bought Cj some nice black slacks, as well as a camel colored fedora and a matching collared shirt with the words "Hey Diddle Diddle" on the back along with a violin playing cat. Sounds weird, is weird, is therefore absolutely fabulous. After the shopping we headed home, as Adam had to go practice with Margaret (lead singer of Bulb) for the open mic. So Allison and I bought pineapple pizza at Pizza Pizza on the way home, then watched Kids in the Hall while eating. I took a shower, then we headed out to the open mic, which was in this bar/cafe called Einstein's.

We got to Einstein's exactly on time, but then everybody else decided to go eat. Having already munched previously, we just stayed at Einstein's drinking juice and listening to the (extraordinarily bad) open mic singers. We also kinda got boxed into a corner when this group of 20 somethings came in a was like, "OH, so sorry, can we move this table here? Oh, can we move this one too?" Until we had no way of getting out. So we just waited for Bulb to get there, watching the TV and playing along with the trivia game. Did you know that after the death of his wife, Carol Lombard, Carey Grant was so depressed and distraught that he joined the army? Yeah. Bet you didn't know that.

Then finally everyone showed up (although we had to bang on some glass to get their attention, stuck as we were). They wanted me to sing something for open mic too, but every song I thought of was then subsequently played by someone else on stage, so I just thought, "Eh... screw it. They know I can sing." After waiting FOREVER for the Emcee to let Bulb play, they finally did - Some Radiohead, some Portishead, some original stuff, and one absolutely gripping cover of Johnny Cash's version of the Nine Inch Nails song "Hurt" (phew). Then we walked Margaret home, left Adam to go practice some more with Misha (other guitarist for Bulb), went home and made Kraft Dinner (white chedder mac n' cheese, MMMyum). Watched the episodes of Scrubs with Michael J. Fox and some Weekend Updates while eating, then just kindof fell into bed at around 4.

Today we're going to the Pound store (equivilant of the dollar store for all Americans reading) and possibly some other shopping places. We've decided we'll do the Shoe Museum as a big finale tomorrow morning/afternoon before I have to get on the plane (sniff). I miss Cj, and I need to go home because I have class next week, but I feel like I've known everybody here my whole life and not just a few days. So although I'm glad to be getting back to California, I'll miss everyone here in Toronto a whole lot.

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