Thursday, February 12, 2004


So, my week has been a little crazy.

On Wednesday night I had a bit of a nervous breakdown and started yelling and crying and Cj had to calm me down. I think I was really exhausted, coupled with the fact that Valentines' Day this year is gonna be pretty much failure, just like it was last year when Cj had to work and we had school the next day. Kinda depresses me that everybody hates Valentines Day because they don't have a significant other (as I hadn't for years on end), and now that I have one Valentines Day STILL sucks. The expectations don't change all that much when you have someone to spend the day with, you know. It's still supposed to be a wonderful romantic day, and so far I'm 0 for 2.

Somebody from Clerical didn't show up to the day shift on Wednesday and so Miranda and I had to do that whole shift in the 15 minutes we had left before the night shift started. That same person didn't call anybody to explain why they were late - we had to get to find out from of one of the supervisors that they just decided not to come to the shift, and to sleep instead. Then, this morning, they came in with no explanation and turned in their letter of resignation. Too bad my boss fired them first, since the letter showed no remorse for what they'd done. They weren't exactly a stellar employee before this, either. Now, the problem with them fucking up like this is that now we have to hire a new person in a week, and until that new person gets here we all have to take on extra shifts. Like I didn't have enough shit going on.

I mean, seriously! I woke up today, did my japanese homework, went to class, left straight from class to drive a half hour to my dentist's appointment (got my teeth cleaned... they had to scrape off more cement from my braces. I had braces 2 years ago!), then a half hour later we went to Cj's dad's work and picked up our new car (So nice! Has a SUNROOF!), drove it to get food, went straight from there to work for 4 hours, left work to go to rehearsal for an hour and a half, then FINALLY made it home. And that was just Thursday.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing my family next weekend. That'll be really nice.

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