Sunday, February 15, 2004

It died a quiet death.

My computer will not turn on. Or rather, the computer will turn on, but the screen won't. So I'm posting this from work in lieu of a real post from home. I even had to go into Cj's email and print out what he needs to see, because they don't have computers at his work. Argh! Anyway, if it seems like I'm not posting very much, that's why.

Speaking of Cj, he's thinking about changing jobs and working at the Bargain Network call center near campus. Anybody have any cautionary tales?

Oh, and Valentines Day sucked, as usual. Just because Cj and I couldn't actually go out to dinner due to the fact that everywhere was packed, and because we couldn't use our free Blockbuster rental due to the fact that the line was out the door. So we just went home, watched Edward Scissorhands, ordered pizza and cuddled. All in all, actually, not a bad Valentines Day. And Cj coined a phrase that I think everyone should use next year:

"Consider yourself Valentined!"

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