Tuesday, February 10, 2004


I dunno... I'm just exhausted and I'm tired of being sickly. My skin is really dry because of the cold, and I have a red scaly patch near my eye. I'm breaking out. My throat keeps vacillating (sp?) between sore and not-sore, and I seem to be perpetually filled with phlegm.

I'm proud of myself, though, to a certain extent. I did all the essays I was supposed to this week. I even did my japanese homework... but you know, I found out recently that my mother doesn't even care what grades I get as long as I don't flunk, or get pregnant and drop out. Too bad I've internalized her demands now and I'm putting all the academic pressures on myself that I used to get from her in high school. Psh. Lucky me.

Not that I'm saying it's a bad thing she put pressure on me in high school. I got into a good college, I met a wonderful boy who is now my fiancee... but I could at least be able to relax and not worry all the time about getting perfect grades.

Of course I get all A's after it doesn't matter anymore. Sheesh.

Not really looking forward to my schedule for next quarter. They're really cool classes:

Lyric Poetry: 1960-2001
First Year Japanese 3
Violence in Literature
Literature Symposium
Theatre Drawing

But there are just so many of them... what with PCN being Spring Quarter, rehearsals for that, and my job, I'm up to my eyeballs in work. But it's my own fault, I guess. You guys need to remind me to calm down next year. Take less classes. Not do so much at once. It's that second year dissolutionment coming around to bite me in the ass and make me feel like I'm running out of time.

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