Monday, January 12, 2004

Things to notice

Like my new clock? He is quite the neat little gadget. I was browsing some DHTML and JavaScript sites when I came across him [yes. I am a geek]. I also added moss, ariel, and hillary to my links [now moss and ariel have no excuses not to add me] and I'm thinking about putting up a tagboard. Nobody really comes here, though. Ah, well. I'll put it up for a while and then, if nobody posts, I'll take it down in shame.

Nothing much of interest today. I left work early last night [even though I was doing really well with my new position] because I thought I was having a reaction. As it turns out, I just scared myself and started hyperventilating, and that's why it seemed like I couldn't breathe. The nurses at the hospital just looked at me as if to say, "There's nothing wrong with you. You're wasting our time, so hurry up and leave." I had to sit there waiting for my 'release papers' listening to a woman in the room next to me getting a catheter put in. sigh. Then I went home, somewhat demoralized, and finished my paper. Which was a piece of crap, really. The sad thing is I don't care.

Cj works tonight, but I don't. I'll probably surf around, maybe clean... probably eat some reheated chicken fingers for dinner. Maybe a quiet night'll do me some good.

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