Tuesday, February 25, 2003


Costume Design project: 5 watercolor renderings, 3 pattern drawings (redraw entire costume, front and back, and provide measurements), one 27 question Script Analysis, and five 7 question Character Analyses (is that even a word? I've been using it, so I guess it is now). Been working on the Analyses for a week, but couldn't finish them until today. Was supposed to give a presentation of my work in Short Fiction class, so I did that last night and couldn't work on the project for Tuesday. So I went into class and said, "I have to leave after my presentation or I'll die." My teacher said, "Okay, everybody, Gina's got to leave to save her life." Worked on the project all day, hated how it turned out, and only just finished. Have an outline due tomorrow for my pop culture paper and a sample of fiction (3 pages) due Wednesday.


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