Friday, February 28, 2003


So I think I'm doing better now... it took me a little while to get over that immense costume project, and then I had a sample for my short fiction class due... I thought there was only a page of stuff due, but it turns out that that's "not enough." What does that mean? I wrote down "one page due." How? What? Rrrrr. Anyway, he said just to turn in the rest next class meeting... then things were going okay on Thursday, but Cj was feeling really nauseous (spelling? he said he's been nauseous for about 3 years straight and still doesn't know how to spell it) and so I came back early from class to take care of him. Then that night I started feeling really icky as well, and had to miss acting practice... I felt SO bad. There's nothing that makes sickness worse like guilt. Well, the room is kindof messy now because I've been so busy... I really appreciate what you do, mom, we're evil to clean up after and so is Cj. Ah, well. Now we're off to Ojai to spend a fun-filled weekend doing... what? Probably just sitting around and watching Tv... I don't even know what I have to do this weekend.

Oh, and I ran out of pages in my huge sketchbook... can you believe it?

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