Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life Update

I got a complaint that I never post here anymore, so here's the scoop:

I'm still casting my play, which is driving me nuts. I need two more male characters cast, and I have seen neither male nor female actor that can pull it off. Which serves me right, since I wrote one of the characters specifically for an actor I knew in grad school part I who is now somewhere in the southern part of the state. Wahh boo. Insert whiney noise here. Not to mention all the area students that could play the part got snapped up by a dance-theatre adaptation of Hamlet. Serves me right for scheduling the play this way. So... who wants to come play my Hamlet?

The house is pretty well put together, I still have to put a bunch of art up on the walls and take care of a few nagging boxes, and I have several sewing projects still left to do (pillows, window shades, etc). Had my parents over for dinner and made tasty lemon-garlic chicken, sweet potato mash, and asparagus. Yummy!

I'm still looking for a... wait, counting... fifth job. A morning job, gag. The event hosting/babysitting/proctoring/tutoring is not going to cut it (even though I love all those jobs and they make things so easy for me), especially since the test prep company canceled the one test that was close to home for me. The other one necessitates driving a half an hour both ways waaay early in the morning. Yuck. It'll be like high school all over again.

I applied online to work at Macy's. Commence shooting myself in the face. I had to take a 250 part questionnaire with genius queries like, "I dislike obeying authority." What am I supposed to say to that? "Strongly Agree?" "Let me at em?" I put Neutral. There were also lots of great questions about the pace at which I prefer to work. "Do you prefer a slow and steady pace so you don't burn out early in the workday?" "Do your co-workers often note that you get everything done before everyone else?" "While others are exhausted, do you keep on truckin'?" Come on people, I get it, you're going to want to work my ass into the ground until I feel like life isn't worth living. I've worked retail before, I get it. All I want is to ring people up for three hours every morning and then go home and pretend like it's all been a bad dream.

Can you tell I'm kind of bitter about this? Moving on...

Haven't heard from either school yet, but one of the people I met at the Director's Foundation meeting in New York last year is keeping me updated on whether she hears back, so I'm not stressing too much yet. Basically if I don't get an email saying they want to interview me by mid-February I know I didn't get in.

Gotta go write an intro for an event I'm hosting tonight...

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