Sunday, November 09, 2008

Goings On

I hosted an event tonight with the author of Girligami, a book about the fun projects you can make with author Cindy Ng's original origami designs. The author is really tiny and cute, and I've got tons of ideas for what to do with little origami shoes she makes (Yes, yes, I'm shoe obsessed, we got it).

Cj also brought me delicious foccacia bread from Panera Bakery, which I ate with oil and vinegar and a big tall glass of milk. MMmm. It was sorely needed as I worked all day today proctoring and SAT test, coming home to do dishes and clean up the house, and then going back out again to host the event.

I've proposed a few other of my original show ideas to an area theater this week, now I just have to wait and see if the board thinks they're financially viable. But it feels good to actually have the possibility of directing something else professional.

I'm still working on grad school applications. I thought it would be easier this time around, but actually it's harder, since one of my recommenders is a playwright and I'm super insecure about my original plays. I have to give him enough time to read them and write a letter, but I also really don't want to send anything that's less than my best, so I'm frantically trying to churn out another draft in the next few days.

It's also proving really difficult to say everything I want to say in my Statement of Purpose without being redundant - two out of the three schools I'm applying to are ones I interviewed at last year. But I can't leave too much out just in case they don't pull out my old file. And I AM applying to one new school. Also, my recommenders need my Statement to write their letters. Blech.

Also also, I just heard the best line ever on the new episode of American Dad:

Steve Smith: "How will we get to the exit? The stage is lousy with Drama Nerds!"
Barry: "Actors killed Lincoln!"

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