Monday, July 21, 2008

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I had my second to last dress fitting. That was good, the dress was nice, etc. only minor tweaking now.

Cj and I saw an adorable, perfect-for-us cabin for rent in our price range, and applied for it over the weekend. Today the landlord called and said another couple applied who had "higher, more stable income." So essentially, we did not get the cabin because I do theater. Whoop de fucking doo.

I worked in the yard for my mother all day (about 6 hours) raking, seeding, and shoveling peat moss onto the nonexistent lawn. Then I shoveled gravel and pushed wheelbarrows full of heavy dirt components for another hour or so.

Then I called a bunch of people because they hadn't sent in reply cards or RSVP'd to the wedding yet. All of them couldn't come, so that sucks but at least I know now.

Tomorrow I have to drive over the hill to work at 9 AM. But at least I'm working.

No word about the grant today.

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