Monday, November 05, 2007

My Moon My Man

I babysat my favorite two year old the other day, and aside from a nasty bout of gas we had a good time. Apparently she's way into Feist and can ask for the videos by name (as well as recognize the way they look on youtube searches), even if the names aren't exactly what you would expect.

"Blue dancing! Blue dancing!"

"My watch ba ba ba ba ba!"

Et cetera, et cetera.

I also got a request for a color palette from a friend who's buying me fabric for my birthday, and I liked the results so much I thought I'd post it here. I used a tool I saw at bighugelabs, courtesy of Kathleen from [LiquidSkyArts], which analyzes a picture you upload for color swatches. I couldn't find one picture that would have all the colors I wanted, so I tried various stills from Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette.

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