Monday, October 01, 2007

Forgive me if this entry is gobbledygook.

Uuuuuuggh. I got a call last night that someone called in sick and since they were expecting a rush for a couple of big name authors they couldn't be short staffed. When did they need me? 8am, of course. Ah well.

So I sat in traffic this morning for 45 minutes and was 20 minutes late (damn you, traffic, damn you), which didn't matter too much since one of the managers was driving the other way and saw how bad the traffic was, plus I called ahead, plus I stayed later than usual. I'm starting to get a little more comfortable ith the computer system, which makes things go a whole lot quicker. Also I saw the person that directed a bunch of my elementary/middle school plays, so it was fun to tell her about the stuff I've been doing lately. A little bit of validation.

Frisbee was good and apparently I played well, despite feeling pretty much like crap the entire time. I think I might have tweaked a back muscle, though. Also I had the beginnings of a really monster headache. When I got home (after a fun evening at Chevy's with Joe, Cj and Dave), I ran the hottest bath I could stand, lit a bunch of candles, and kind of curled up into the fetal position in the dark while listening to Joni Mitchell.

Yeah. It was pretty pathetic.

Unfortunately the headache didn't get any better, so I crawled into bed around 10 and watched some of "Moonstruck" until Cj came to bed.

Aside from that, I've been making some real progress on my quilt. After I finally got the two year old I was babysitting to go to sleep on Friday, I sat for a good hour and a half piecing some things together. I learned how to make triangles the other day, and I'm also working on a border that's like a row of mini-quilts within the larger quilt. I'll post pictures when I get it to a manageable size.

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