Saturday, September 22, 2007


Recently I went out with my mom to spend some teacher gift certificates and one of the places we went was this cute little nursery, hidden off of a main street. We got some fruit trees, some water plants, and one carnivorous pitcher plant that looks totally vicious (you'll see). By the time we were finished with pulling up old plants, repotting, arranging, cleaning, and killing the multitude of spiders and earwigs that were hiding in the roots of the old dead plants, it was waaay past sunset. So I took some photos the next day to show you all :)

The awesome carniverous pitcher plant.

The water plants and the little vignette we put together. That's an aloe plant on the table next to the cupid. One of the water plants is a little saggy cause the ties got loosened, but it's since been fixed.

One of the fruit trees we got (Meyer lemon and Navel orange, yay!). The rest is transplanted bamboo and ivy, and the spout of the fountain we dismantled to put the water plants in.

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