Saturday, October 20, 2007


Since we went to visit Cj's mentor SpearIt in Berkeley yesterday, I got a head start on some Christmas presents for his family and brought them up with me.

Puzzle ball (pattern from Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts) for baby, pillowcases for mom and dad. I gave his 2 year old brother a little plastic egg with sand in it cause he likes to make music, but the noise isn't so obnoxious that his mom would want to kill me after a few days with it ;) She much prefers it to the metal measuring cups he plays with now.

See? The baby's name is Krsna Kalonji, so there's a little K stitched into it.

The pillowcases - I was trying out my new (tiny) sewing machine, the
Euro-pro Dressmaker II
, so they're not the best made things in the world, but didn't they turn out pretty?

This vegan cake/pudding thing I made. Posted the recipe here.

It must be this time of year - I just want to sit in a corner with some tea and sew. Or bake. In fact, I have this pumpkin crisp recipe I've been wanting to try...

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