Friday, July 20, 2007

Frivolity and Madness [Sparta]!

Some things I need but do not have:

* a nice monochromatic set of glass-head pins
* a new digital camera/video camera
* anne bogart's 'a director prepares'
* 'couture sewing techniques' by claire b. shaeffer

And now, your previously scheduled entry...

Yesterday I re-choreographed some stuff for the show I'm working on for about two hours, then left rehearsal to go pick up Molly and Cj and meet Emily for her hair appointment. Then after a few hours we [Molly, Cj and I - Emily was still letting the dye sit on her hair] went to a park downtown and played frisbee with Joe's friend Frost and his brother-in-law, which was fun even though I sucked. Since I pulled that muscle in my leg I've been much less likely to dive or jump for things, so I just missed a lot of passes.

Anyway, then I went home and kept reading scripts until my friend Joe came by so I could help him with his comic-con costume. I think it turned out rather well:

Tonight I might go see a show that the company gave me extra comps for. Or not. Who knows?

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