Sunday, June 10, 2007

Damn Dirty Kiwis

This is the lovely fruit tart that Joe, who works in a bakery, brought over for me last night to celebrate my successful driving test. I had a piece but gave Cj the kiwi that was on top, then said goodnight to Joe and Leah. About 5 minutes later the roof of my mouth went numb and bumpy, and I started to break out in hives. FUN! Another fruit off the list.

Anyway, in (almost) reverse chronological order, the rest of my weekend -

Earlier on Saturday I hung out at the pool with Cj and my friend Leah for about 3 hours, at one point drawing a fake tattoo of Isis onto my friend Christie's back with a sharpie. It turned out really nice, but as I still don't know how to get pictures off of my phone you'll have to wait until I see her again for a picture.

Then I went and saw a show on campus that was using one of my short plays (The Hammer Man or Hammerman, I posted it earlier) as its closing piece, and I have to tell you it was so well directed I got shivers. The whole concept was like a traveling gypsy circus type thing, with a whole lot of fake blood and severed arms and such. And despite being super low-budget, all the elements worked together really well. But honestly the best part [for me] was watching my piece and having the random dog that one of the audience members brought growl at the villain in it, who was carrying a giant red hammer. That dog is genius. Now I have to write a dog into my piece - or at least some growling noises.

On Friday I met with my director for the Tempest, then went and saw a production of the Tempest that was happening at my school (which was excellent - they used acapella in lieu of live music). Afterwards one of the other fifth years (with a big entourage of people following him) grabbed me and said, "Hey, you're coming with us." I just kind of went, "Uhh... Okay!" We went to his car and he explained that we were going to a spa to sit in a jacuzzi and sauna room. So for about an hour on friday I randomly ended up wrapped in a towel sipping tea in a jacuzzi tub.

Then I taught my last two sections (in a row) and showed up at the review section the other TAs and I were supposed to teach, and I was pretty much on my own. One of the other TAs came a bit late, and the other one didn't show up at all (his parents were in town). It was one of the more terrifying experiences in my life, facing a whole room full of students expecting me to tell them everything that was on the test, and having to tell them that they needed to help each other study while I mediated, and not get all the answers from me.

Then I had my final rehearsal/showing for the ballet piece I worked on this quarter. It turned out spectacular, and the professor had almost only good things to say which is always fantastic. One of the dancers from Delizie is a photo student, so he came and took movement and portrait-style shots of the piece. Hopefully by next week I'll have those photos, ones of Hammerman, video of the show I directed in Fall, video of the ballet piece in Ballet Rep, video of Delizie, and a shirt with the logo I designed for the student plays festival. Whew.

Today I have to finish grading, then tomorrow at 8 am I proctor a final, rehearse all day, then have the final showing for my Directing Studio scene at 7 at night. NUTS! But that's just about it for this year.

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