Monday, May 14, 2007

More Plague

So I played frisbee yesterday, and was a lot better than I have been in previous weeks, and afterwards a bunch of us went to get food. On the way over I started feeling a little odd, and by the time our food came I wasn't even able to eat anything but corn on the cob. It was really strange, though - I only felt sick when I thought about eating, and the rest of the time I felt fine. So I just got a take out box and plastic bag and we started driving home. There was crazy traffic so it took a long time to get back, and about halfway there on the mountain roads I just couldn't handle it anymore. Thank god I got that plastic bag for take out.

It was so embarrassing - I threw up in the car in front of . I hardly ever throw up in front of people. :P No good.

Luckily I haven't done it again since, but I haven't been able to keep anything down all day. I think I'm gonna try having a smoothie later and see how I do.

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