Monday, March 12, 2007

Oog, my salivary glands.

So I went to my reunion on Friday, even though I wasn't feeling too good, and it was nice. Not as fabulous as it could have been because some people I hoped were going to show up didn't, and some people that I knew would never show up... well, you know. But I had a good time regardless. Cj came with me and behaved himself beautifully - in fact, some of the teachers behaved themselves worse than he did.

I wanted to go again on Saturday, but between picking up my little sister from the airport and still not feeling good, I just didn't make it. I hope everybody forgives me.

I saw "300" - and I must say, I liked it. Gerard Butler never ceases to amaze me. Look at this!

The man is great. Anyway. I didn't like the casting of the lead female role, and I had a little giggle every time David Wenham started narrating (Daisy!), AND I had a big problem with the handling of *** Spoiler! *** the adultery [She just dropped her blouse! Just like that! What the hell was that?], *** end spoiler *** but the battle scenes - genius. The best part of the whole experience, though, was that I saw it sitting behind a whole row full of early 20s white guys that thought they were gangsters, and during one part where rock music started playing, all of them started rocking their seats in time to the beat of the music and interjecting with "sick!" and "Awesome!"

It was classic.

Well, aside from that, I just worked on school stuff all weekend, including sewing the bottom half of my costume project (which I will post pictures of later, I'm sure). It's gotten really warm here lately, and since daylight savings time started it feels like summer. I had lemonade, corn, and guacamole-smothered steak last night to celebrate.

ps. A weird part of this cold is that when you wake up in the morning your salivary glands are all swollen. It's a bizarre feeling.

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