Thursday, February 01, 2007

Plague!!! Plague!!!

Well, as hard as I tried to avoid it and as many times as I washed my hands, I am once again sick with the plague. I've missed two days of school so far and as much as it makes me cringe, I know I'd be sick for another week if I hadn't stayed home.

In the meantime, I've watched a lot of Passport to Europe with the lovely Samantha Brown, the only non-obnoxious travel host I've ever seen, tried to finish designing the sweatshirt for my dance show (opening on the 9th - hurry, tickets sell out fast!), using up a lot of tissues and posting more facebook pictures from the holidays.

I also have time to ponder the more shallow things in life - such as, how should I get my hair cut and/or dyed for my 5 year high school reunion? Hm...

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