Saturday, January 06, 2007

Christmas Lamb Project

Allright - some of you may have noticed that I have not sent out any Christmas Presents. This is because I wanted to make all of them, take pictures, and then give them out. Turns out, however, that I spent way too much time on each one and in fact am still working on a few. You'll get them eventually, I promise.

Anyway, here they are: From Left - Rupert, for Cj, Pirate, for Kacey, Raver, for Allison, Parisian, for Courtney, Kamijo Jr., for Ryan.

Not shown: Zom-B, for Tony, Ninja, for Joe, Dr. House Lamb, for Molly R., and a few other unfinished sheep. Joe and Tony, if you could take a few pictures of your sheep and send them to me that'd be awesome - the ones I took didn't turn out.

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