Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pre-Birthday Birthday

Well, the day started off kind of freaky. I woke up this morning and found out that my mom had gone to Urgent Care at the hospital because she'd had blood in her urine. It turned out to be nothing some mild antibiotics can't cure, but we were supposed to go to San Francisco today to go to H&M, the Betsey Johnson store, and maybe try on wedding dresses, and that got seriously delayed and it even looked for a while like we might not be going at all.

When we finally did get on the road it was pretty late in the afternoon. We parked the car and took the BART to Powell street, and met up with one of my sisters friends from high school. H&M was PACKED. It made me so claustrophobic I couldn't really pay attention to the clothes, so I ended up getting a couple of scarves on the second floor and vacating the premises. Went to a couple of other places but it was basically the same story, and so we decided just to go to Betsey Johnson and then dinner, and then call it a night.

Betsey Johnson was AWESOME. It's on a little side street, so not a lot of people were there, and the sales ladies weren't breathing down our necks the whole time, just available when we needed something. I tried on a bunch of really gorgeous dresses (exPENsive), until we noticed the sale rack in the back. One of the dresses had one of its ribbon loops (those little threads that hold ribbons in the right place when they're tied around the waist) broken, so it was a whole lot less than half off. I tried it on and voila - in my size and lovely. Happy Birthday, in-deed.

We had sushi at this place called Hana Zen Sushi, which was expensive but totally worth it. Nice ambiance, great food, and a very attentive manager who even came over when we were waiting in line for the bathroom to reassure us that the men's bathroom had a unisex toilet, and not to wait. How full service!

Didn't end up trying on wedding dresses because we left so late, but all in all a WONDERFUL day. I have class and rehearsal on my actual birthday, so it was nice to just have a full fun day with both my sisters at home.

Oh, I bleached my hair last night, whole head. It made the pink I already had in my hair look even better, so I'm reluctant to add the blue... I think I'll leave it for a little while and see how I like it. Photos soon!

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