Monday, November 27, 2006

Crazy Stress

It's that time of the quarter, again.

(Oh, those of you that asked for birthday gift type lists, it's at

Things to handle before Vacation:

M 11/27: Staged Reading Rehearsal
T 11/28: Grad Seminar Rehearsal, 2.15 hours
Random Rehearsal (conflicts with:
Staged Reading Performance)
W 11/29: Return graded assignments - Playwriting
Grad Seminar Rehearsal at 4pm
R 11/30 : Grad Seminar Rehearsal 2:45-4pm
Birthday Dinner
F 12/01: Random Rehearsal 3-5 pm
Last Barnstorm Class, 5 pm
800 Word Paper due for Barnstorm
Applications due for GARC funding
S 12/02: Dance Concert Preview
Start Grad Sem. Paper
S 12/03: Choreographer's Workshop 2-4
Choreographer Mtg. 4
Grad Sem Lights in 2nd Stage
M 12/04: Grad Sem. Run/Tech 7:30-11pm
T 12/05: Grad Sem. Dress 11:30-3pm
Final Papers Due for Grad Sem.
Leave for Stanford 3pm
Grotowski Lecture
W 12/06: Grad Sem. Performance 2-6 (4pm start)


*S 12/09: Fiddler on the Roof (8 pm)
Drive back home
*S 12/10: Courtney visiting until 12/14
*W 12/20: Visit Cj's Parents until 12/24
*S 12/24: Drive back home (Xmas Eve)

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