Saturday, November 11, 2006


Went with my Mom and saw Equus tonight at school - directed by another student. I had some issues (maybe just because I've been thinking about that play for the last five years so naturally I have my things), but overall I thought it was extremely well done. I cried during the scene when Alan is naked and vulnerable and being surrounded by the horses, just like I did when I read it. The actor who played him, Max Baumgarten = name to watch. Amazing. The sound design - GENIUS. The nudity - extremely well done. My Dad's going to be disappointed. He said he didn't want to go see it because there was male frontal nudity but no female frontal nudity. I hadn't remembered that Jill, one of the female characters, gets naked too. Woops! Sorry, Dad.

A bunch of my Lonely Orchard gang showed up too, which was fun. I got to talk to them a bit about the play during intermission. It's funny, even though it's not the same as a musical, there's still that sense of family there. Just not on the same level. Makes me want to do a musical next quarter even more.

Auditions for the staged reading festival were today. Not a lot of people showed up, and when I told the TLO people about it they were all like, "Oh, man, that would've been fun!" Ah, well. I'm happy with my cast.

My scheduling got completely thrown for a loop, though. I swear, I need a full time stage manager just to hang around and schedule my life, buy me socks, etc.

Oh, my Mom bought me new socks today. Made me feel like a kid again, but my feet have been getting really cold lately. They're reeeeally nice, thick knee-highs in black, hot pink, and stripes. Perfect. Also some new sunglasses, since I keep breaking mine.

Anyway. Like you really needed to know all that. :/

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