Sunday, August 13, 2006

Driving and Parties

Woo. Crazy party yesterday. I didn't know who all my mom invited, but it ended up being everyone from my first pre-school teacher to my sisters' high school friends. Complete insanity. There were about 50 people in my house and backyard. But all in all a very succesful shindig, and it got the word out about what we're all doing now and what we're planning to do in the future, so that's nice.

I'm just recovering now. Did a new website layout over here friday night.

OH! And my sister emily got her driver's license! Before me, even. We decided it's going in reverse order of birth, because my other sister (molly) has her test next week sometime. Then I guess it's my turn... get off the roads, y'all!

P.S. Cj has NO voice whatsoever, so if you try to call him and you just hear little squeaky noises, don't hang up - that's him.

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