Sunday, July 23, 2006

To Review:

I realize I've been neglecting this space for a bit, so I thought I'd have a little recap, starting with today's post subject:

I'm going to a meet and greet with the artistic director of the Playwrights Theatre in New York (who has connections to Yale Drama) who needs an assistant while he's in town this summer. The meet and greet is another step in the interview process. I've also been thinking about these extremely selective MFA in Directing programs:

UC San Diego
Cal Arts
University of Portland
University of Washington, Seattle
Yale University
Brown University
Carnegie Mellon

... why do I always choose the hard way?

Now, superspeedyrecap of everything else:

I moved back into my parents house with Cj for the year, dyed the front of my head hot pink, Allison came to visit me on the 4th of July, Cj's brother got married, I got a job for fall as a Teaching Assistant at grad school ($1600 a month, free health insurance, free tuition and fees).

Aaaand that just about brings us up to speed.

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