Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"You're a GENIUS, babe." - Cj, on hearing what I did tonight

Forewarning: Many names of many different people in tonight's entry. If you don't know who they are, don't worry about it. If you do, this'll be a little bit more funny.

So, I glued my hand to a tube of Superglue tonight.

Yeah, that was fun.

The tube totally exploded all over Mira while we were in the print shop making masks for Alice in Wonderland, and when I picked it up to put the cap back on there was glue on the tube and it stuck before I knew what was happening. It also juiced all over my other hand, so I couldn't touch anything or I'd get stuck to it to. There were feathers and pens and paper all over the table - I was just imagining trying to move stuff and getting huge fistfuls of feathers stuck all over me.

So I sat there for a while with the tube dangling off of my finger while Mira and Laurel went to get me nail polish remover from the store. Luckily there was a showtunes CD in the stereo so Pam and I sat singing along to ourselves until they got back. Matt walked in and suggested I just peel it off with an X-acto knife, but the day had already gotten so hijacked by Loki (norse god, not one of my friends) that I knew I'd slice my finger off or something. So when Mira and Laurel got back I just poured the mini bottle of nail polish remover into a bowl and sat there with my finger (and the tube) soaking in it until I could peel it off.

The sucky thing is we missed out on a lot of possible work time by going to the craft store earlier, and then with the whole Superglue fiasco we had even less time to get stuff done. In the end we came out with four extremely nice looking masks and some more hearts sewn onto the Queen of Hearts dress, and I now have ribbon to make the White Knight's horse. Now I just have to steal some boxes from work tomorrow and I'm all set.

In other news, I need to graduate, fast, because every time I go to Chaucer class I want to kill myself. But you didn't hear that from me. I just get extremely frustrated sometimes. I've been drawing during class in order to keep my mouth shut because I don't want to get into a hardcore argument with anyone. I feel like the book is a lot more open to interpretation than we're giving it credit for, and so I don't want to introduce inflammatory opinions because I've seen everyone else get shot down pretty quickly and I honestly don't feel like it's worth my time to get yelled at by anyone over something that truthfully I could really care less about. I LIKE Chaucer. But I don't think it's a life or death situation when someone doesn't agree with my opinion of him, and some people in the class definitely do.

Book arts was fine. I hate doing mock ups because I feel like they ruin the surprise. Don't really like listening to people read their pieces twice, either. Probably because I have a tendency to memorize 90% of things the first time they're read, so I get pretty bored hearing them twice. I love [just about] everything everyone's done, though. There's some really talented people in that class with me... makes me feel kinda small. But only slightly.

Have to work at 10 am tomorrow. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. 5 hour shift. Icky. There's a meeting on Sunday morning that I don't think I should have to go to since I only have 2 shifts left, but then again, I'll get paid for it... and I really need the money. Hmm.

Longest entry I've written in a while, I think. Hope it wasn't TOO tedious.

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