Sunday, March 12, 2006

Returning from the Dead

So for those of you that wondered where the hell I was, I had a show open and close this weekend. Usually that at least has the burden of little to no sleep, physical and mental exhaustion, and panic, but this time it had that added little bit of drama and fighting that made it just that much more draining.

But here I am, like some sort of wonky pheonix, rising up again. My masochistic little self has another musical and a staged reading planned for next quarter, of course... never mind that pesky little graduating thing I'm supposed to be doing. o.o
It'll be good, though. One last push before I move on to other things.

In other news, I'm printing my letterpress project tomorrow (Swan Dive, yes.) I'm also making a little book with all the leftover scraps, so I promise to post pictures later.

Otherwise, goodnight all.

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