Saturday, March 18, 2006

Apparently, still dead.

UGHHH. The cold I thought I was getting over during the show got even WORSE. At least it's starting to clear up a bit now, but I was on solid dayquil then nyquil for a full day while I got final projects done in all my classes.

I spent *8* hours in the letterpress lab on Wednesday trying to make my print work, five of which my teacher was in there with me in a complete state of bafflement. She had to leave to get to a meeting, but later emailed me this plaintive apology that she couldn't figure out what was going on, which made me feel a bit sad for making her so confused. My print has lots of typefaces in it, some of which are higher or lower than others for some reason, and some words of which weren't getting any ink at all. Or certain letters in words were getting ink, but not others. It was a disaster. To top it all off, Cj bought me watercolor paper instead of print paper and it was breaking some of the letters when I tried to print. My instructor gave me different paper before she left and that was helping, but still other things were going wrong. Finally my dayquil started to wear off and I got grouchy and just ended up hand-inking the type with a mini roller before each pass, which gave it an over-soaked look, but got all the words inked. I didn't finish the back, but I'm not sure that I'm going to at all. It was just such a nightmare.

That night I stayed up late trying to work on my installation piece for another one of my classes, featuring a large dummy torso with its heart drilled out, a halo of twine suspended from the ceiling with skulls and hearts hanging from it, a paper-mache hand holding a pen writing a message on some paper, and transparencies in the windows with quotes from some of the books we read in class. It was pretty labor intensive, and had to all be assembled the next day (Thursday). We left in time to get there 2 hours before class and set everything up, but a trip to home depot to get fishing line and wood chips for the floor took almost an hour, so we only had an hour to put it all together. Even with Cj RUNNING with the bags of wood chips, we were 20 minutes late to class, but the installation went over really well and everyone was excited.

Then I had work on Friday. Wasn't this supposed to be my off week? Maybe next week is my off week. This is what I keep telling myself.

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