Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I am having an awful, awful day.

My doctor's appointment, which I had told them to make for 11:30, was instead made for 1:30, during my favorite class (letterpress printing). I got in there late because their new electronic check in system didn't register me so they had to take all my information twice. There was a huge line for the lab, a huge line for the pharmacy, I didn't even get my prescription because it would have taken a long time to wait for it (have to go back tomorrow), and to top it all off the scheduling office LOST ALL MY PAPERWORK to schedule rooms for the show, so I had to SIT THERE for 45 minutes while they tried to schedule me in places. I turned in that paper over 3 weeks ago. I have been coming in to the office to check on it every week. I emailed the head of scheduling 4 weeks ago about venues, and she hadn't even looked at it. That is the problem with it - there is only one woman doing all the scheduling for all the student organizations. So anyway, needless to say we didn't get our first choice ANYTHING. I nearly started crying when she told me she didn't have any of my paperwork. I came this close.

As it was, I burst into tears in the hallway in front of my letterpress TA, who led me over to coffee hour and had me eat some cheese-its and calm down before going back to talk to the teacher. I ended up being 3 hours late to my 4 hour class. Thank God for Cj - he scheduled me for the last possible print session so I can have plenty of time to work on my project, which I am nowhere near finishing even though I stayed super late after my Monday lab. Some people are printing as soon as tomorrow morning.

Anyway, I came home after class to 7 missed calls (did I mention I forgot my phone this morning because I was trying to finish a homework assignment for said letterpress class and got all frazzled?), one of which was from one of my good friends who has been in an ongoing fight with another of my good friends, her roommate. Both of them are in the show, and both of us are completely drained and on the verge of tears, but at least I don't have to work tonight (she does).

Oh. And the final straw is that my doctor's appointment was a gynecologist appointment, so I've been feeling gross all day.

Also my dog jumped on my stomach and knocked the wind out of me. But that's just the icing on the cake, my friend.

I'm eating rasberries and trying to calm down a little before I take my bath. My head is pouding. So if you can't get ahold of me tonight or if you talk to me and I sound sullen, you'll know why.

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