Sunday, June 12, 2005

Travel Trauma

Here's what happened to me on Friday:

12:35 pm: I got to the train station only to find out that the train was running over 4 hours late, and that it was possible that I wouldn't get a seat on the bus.

12:48 pm: I called my Dad to tell him what happened, and said I would wait to find out if I got on the bus.

1:15 pm: I started crying. Luckily, Cj was there to keep me from freaking out too much.

1:20 pm: My mom calls, hears me crying, and tries to calm me down. She tells me to go home and check on the airlines and the Greyhound schedule.

1:40 pm: I get home, and learn that I've already missed all the Greyhound busses for the day, and that all the flights would take me hours and hours to get there.

1:50 pm: My dad calls, saying that I need to not cry because he can't stand it when I cry, and tells me that he's booking me on a nonstop flight home that would only take an hour.

2-5 pm: I help Cj move things into the new place.

5-5:30 pm: Baja Fresh.

6:00 pm: I get to the airport and pick up my ticket. I say goodbye to Cj.

6:05 pm: I find out that the terminal has no bathroom, so I shouldn't go through security until a little later.

7:00 pm: They finally let us into the terminal. I find that since I have a one way ticket, I am scheduled for intense screening.

7-7:15 pm: Much groping of Gina occurs. My bags go through extreme searches, and my sock monkey is thoroughly molested.

7:30 pm: The flight attendant informs me that the flight has been canceled. I am rerouted to San Francisco.

7:35 pm: I call my Dad upset again, and he tells me he will drive to San Fran to pick me up (I have the greatest father).

7:40 pm: I board the plane. It is determined that my carry on is too big, so I have to check it.

7:45-9 pm: I spend the rest of the flight freaking out that they're going to lose my bag.

9:00 pm: The captain announces that air traffic control has asked us to fly in a holding pattern over the airport for the next twenty minutes.

9:25 pm: We finally are allowed to land.

9:30 pm: We are blocked from taxiing to the gate by a bigger plane.

9:45 pm: We finally get to the gate.

9:55 pm: Shuttle to the main terminal.

10:00 pm: Baggage claim. Meet Dad and leave.

10:15 pm: We pull off the freeway as Dad's electric window will not shut (all the windows in his car are broken).

10:25 pm: Back on the road.

12:00 am: Home.

This is what happens when the travel gods hate you.

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