Friday, June 24, 2005


So if you've been wondering why I dropped off the face of the earth for the past two weeks, here's why:

1. I was moving. I finally left my apartment and moved into the mobile home, but it took a week and a half to get the cable company to come out and turn on my internet. (FYI - I was DYING.)

2. I was looking for a job. Since that last store I worked at was closing for the summer, I hadn't worked for a few weeks and really needed to find another job. I applied at a couple of places, and now I work at Ann Taylor! Yay! I quite like it, and the discount is huge. It's really great because it's so close to where I live that I can walk there.

3. I got a puppy! We adopted a little female Chihuahua named Stacy from the county shelter. She's very quiet (except when she thinks you're ignoring her). I can take her shopping with me, she rides in the car without a problem, and there are so many outdoor cafes here that it doesn't even stop Cj and me from eating out. We hadn't left her alone until tonight when we went out to dinner with our friends, so we barricaded her in the kitchen (she's not housetrained yet), and when we got back she was sleeping on the couch. She'd broken out, but hadn't peed on anything. It was amazing - she wasn't even barking.

Tomorrow I'm getting up early to go to Garage sales with my choreographer friend Nicole who, along with Amelia, the star of a bunch of our shows, also moved into the park with us. It's going to be so fun having them live close. Anyway, I was going to post pictures on here, but I can't find the camera cord. I promise to post it soon.

It's good to be back on the web. I miss it.

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