Friday, March 18, 2005

Requested Fill-In Kind of Update

Okay, so here's what's been going on:

1. The show went great! Thank you to everyone who came. It was pretty crazy on closing night - so many people came from out of town and a lot of people showed up without reservations so we had to add seats, and even then I had to turn people away because they just wouldn't fit.

And to anybody who asked about the hot leading lady - I believe she's taken at the current moment. Sorry!

2. School's finally over this quarter. I didn't have any finals, but I did have one paper I didn't turn in yet because the teacher has been out sick all week. Dunno what I'll have to do, but I'm not doing it now.

I'm kind of sad because one of my teachers is officially retired and can't technically teach a class next quarter (not on payroll), but he's agreed to do an independent study with me next quarter. Which leads to,

3. What I'm taking next quarter: American Drama 1940 to present (with friends from the play), Lit Symposium (required... gotta take one a quarter until I graduate. ugh), Greek Drama and Performance, and my Independent study, where I get to write a dramatic adaptation of a book I read this quarter. Whee! Almost entirely Dramatic Art related!

4. What sucks though, is until school starts, Cj's work schedule is so full that I hardly get to see him. So I'll just hang out in the apartment all day looking at wedding dresses (sap that I am) like I did today.

Not too much else has gone on, though. I think I ate about 4 cups of applesauce today and several handfuls of cereal instead of having a real meal. I didn't want to get anything delivered, didn't want to go outside into the yucky blustery day, and there wasn't even bread in the house to make toast with. Meh.

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