Friday, March 25, 2005


No David Bowie pun intended (although it is a good song), but there are lots of changes happening Chez Gina this week.

Cj's boss Tony, who also happens to be in the same major as us, mentioned that there was a position opening in an upscale clothing boutique where his girlfriend works. I went there and checked out the designers they carry: Vivienne Westwood, Roberto Cavalli... and there was a really cute Dolce and Gabanna shirt on their clearance rack.

So I went in on Tuesday and filled out an application. Then I came to work and told G. (my boss) that I had put in an application.

It's liberating, leaving your job. It's also sad, because this was my first real position anywhere ever and I feel like I've grown up there. Maybe I've outgrown it, a little. The hours conflict too much with the production company, and the money isn't enough to make that worthwhile.


I'll be leaving in any case, even if I don't get this other position. It's time.

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