Monday, August 02, 2004


I had a tour for transfer students today. It was really awkward - even though three of them came from community college, they still didn't really need our help with getting used to anything. So we just kind of dragged them around the building and then let them go to lunch. Very unsatisfying, very awkward.

Afterwards I went to the guy that's in charge of scheduling for the theatre to try and reserve rehearsal and performance space for Winter Quarter. He kind of looked at me funny, and then said, "Um, you're a little early..." and basically told me I couldn't reserve it until the Winter Quarter classes are posted. So I don't know when my performances will be, and this causes me problems when I try to apply for licensing. So I'm just going to have to estimate when I think the performances MIGHT be, otherwise I'd have to wait months and months to apply for licensing rights. ARGH.

So I think, okay, at least I can go talk to Leslie about the Cabaret student-taught class I want to do. I walk back over to the office... and it's locked. They've all gone out to lunch. So yeah, I didn't get to talk to Leslie.

Now, perturbed a bit, I decide that if I can't get anything else done today I can at least go back to the "Cash For Books" booth and FINALLY sell all the books I've been holding on to since Freshman year. It'd been out all last week because the Freshman Summer program just started. So I walk back over to the University Center... AND GUESS WHAT ISN'T THERE?


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