Friday, July 16, 2004

My Apology Post
Sorrrreee! Everybody got all psycho mad at me for doing the fake post with the Rum and Monkey post generator. It was supposed to be ironic... sigh. Anyway, I'm sorry, and here's a real post to make up for it.

So right now I'm sitting in the computer lab at CCS waiting for my tour to start at 2. I'm leading CCS tours of freshmen all summer, every monday and friday. So is Cj. Today there's only about six people, but the small tours are usually better anyway. I'm wearing my new tank top with a picture of Captain Jack Sparrow on it. I keep wearing it hoping that someone will say something, but nobody has yet. I think they're all too scared.

Yesterday Cj and I went to the home depot to get him some electrical fixings so he could put an amplifier in his Thunderbird (which we finally washed, by the way. We hadn't washed it since we got it). While we were there we got a curtain rod, and then some new curtains at Linens N Things so we could FINALLY put them up properly. Before our old curtains were hanging with duct tape and butterfly clips over the vertical blinds (we're not allowed to take them down. Ick). The curtains are kindof this light purplish brownish pink, which sounds really gross but is actually gorgeous, and they're all ruffled in this kind of bordello-way. The funny thing is that Cj picked them out and not me.

My friend Sarah was supposed to call me when she got back from Switzerland, but now I don't remember when that was supposed to be. I have a really bad concept of time. Anyway, the week after Sarah was supposed to come, I get to go down and visit Allison and her family, then go to Comicon with my family. SO looking forward to that.
Gotta go do a tour. Hope you liked this super long post.

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