Monday, April 19, 2004

I dunno. I feel like I should post something here because I haven't in so long, but then that feels like a cop-out and a waste of your time.

Yesterday was the hell beyond hell. Come to think of it, this weekend in general was not so spiffy. Mostly just too much non-sleep and a lot of being very awake.

Saturday: Woke up to no alarm, thinking "Wow, this is a nice feeling. Rested, or something. What day is it?" Then looking at the clock and realizing my alarm had been set for 9 PM and I was half an hour late for work. Drove like mad to get to work, saw most of the callers leaving. Turns out the Supervisor's alarm didn't go off either, so he didn't show up, and on the weekends the building is locked and we're the only ones with the key. So I went inside, called the supervisor, called all the callers back and told them we WERE having the shift, and let everyone in the building.

I probably should have gotten in trouble for it, but luckily I have an understanding boss. Plus we broke the goal anyway by about $1000. So technically there wasn't really a problem.

Anyway, afterwards Cj and I took Kacey, who was my roommate my first year at college, to Ventura to get fabric for her costume design project. That took the rest of the day, although it was fun and now I have someone to live with when I move to LA after graduation.

Sunday: Woke up at 8:30 to get to rehearsal on time. Yelled at actors all day, pretty much lost my voice, got sunburned, and had to go to work right afterwards. So from 9 AM to 9:30 PM I was either at work or rehearsal, then I came back and did a 5 page conjugation chart for Japanese, read a book of poems on which I had to write an essay, and studied for a japanese quiz, by which time it was around 1 AM and I had to go to bed because my eyeballs were burning.

Monday: Woke up at 8:30, wrote my essay, hustled to class, got there as the last bell was ringing, had a half hour afterwards to study for my Japanese quiz, found out that I didn't do the surprise SECOND homework we had, and now I'm sitting in the computer lab contemplating whether or not I have enough energy left to write something for my 5:00 writer's workshop. Probably not. But who knows.

Anyway, I've been learning spiffy things about weddings lately. For example, did you know the tradition of the best man originated in the time of such peoples as the Goths, when men had to kidnap their brides from other local tribes? They needed a second in command to help them beat off the bride's relatives both during the kidnapping and during the wedding (when the bride's family would often try to kidnap her back) - thus, the best man. Also, the tarantella dance which is danced at traditional Italian weddings originated from the belief that tarantula bites were deadly, and only by sweating the poison out would they be able to survive, so they'd dance for hours on end or until they dropped in order to sweat the poison out.

Fun stuff, no?

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