Thursday, January 22, 2004

The Plague and Explosions

Ah yes... I am still sick. I missed class on Tuesday and Wednesday, then Wednesday night I convinced myself that I was well enough to go to work.


As soon as I got home I was plagued [see subject] by a splitting headache, and coughing and sneezing I crawled directly into bed still wearing my clothes. Downstairs, Cj was still playing video games, and I assume he got up to get some ice cream because I heard the freezer door open. "Oh my god!" Cj said. "What?" I groaned. I'm not even sure if he heard me, but he 'replied,' "I left a Dr. Pepper in the freezer all day." He brought it up to show me - it was 3 times it's normal size. I rolled back over, and Cj set the Dr. Pepper down on the bed. Immediately I heard a huge pop and something icy hit the back of my head. I looked over my shoulder and the Dr. Pepper had exploded all over the bed, wall, and ceiling, and apparently the top flew off and cut Cj's hand. Ughhh.

Needless to say, I didn't go to school today either, considering I had quite some difficulty going down the stairs this morning. Luckily, my friend Michelle came over and explained what I missed. Even luckier for me was the fact that we haven't had any Japanese homework yet this week.

I still haven't deposited my check from work, and I get paid again in a week. I also have to go get blood tests done for the allergist at Student Health, and I have to make an appointment with my orthodontist.

AUUUUGH! The plague sucks.

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