Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Job Interview

So I pressure Cj to get out of the apartment and to my appointment on time, only to find out when I get there that the director is nowhere to be found. So I end up having to wait 15 minutes for him, which in turn made Cj officially late to work.

On the positive side, the interview went really well. I somehow managed to spin my lack of job experience into a love of volunteering and a concern for the community, which is exactly what the Annual Fund is all about (apparently). It was certainly a new perspective for me, who up until this point had been convinced that no one would EVER hire me due to my lack of experience. You want to know what's even more interesting than that? The fact that I got my new perspective from a magazine article about mothers returning to the work force, and how to make yourself seem appealing when you haven't worked in years.

Funny how things you don't think will be useful at all turn out to be your saviour in odd situations.

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