Thursday, July 24, 2003

Take You Down to Chinatown

...or Little Tokyo, at least. Yesterday my family and I made the long trek to Little Tokyo in San Francisco in search of manga-creating art materials, a rice cooker, and many other important things. Anway, here's a list of all the stuff I got. The blanks are presents I got for Cj.

~ one lucky kitty statue (left paw raised)
~ one rice cooker with pink orchids on it (kinda pretty, actually)
~ one bag of Kokuho Rose rice (the best)
~ pieces of a children's kimono to hang on the wall
~ two bottles of ramune
~ one box of strawberry Pocky
~ one b___ of P______
~ one b___ of A_________
~ two b___ of K_________
~ some o________
~ one C___ of H_____
~ one N____________
~ one b____ of R_____

As Molly and I are working on a manga to enter into a big contest in September, we also bought art paper, tones (ready-made textures you cut out and put on your drawings... perfectly legal), and a tone-cutter. Mom got a book of nice resorts in Japan with lots of beautiful pictures, and Emily bought a box of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts with a picture of David Beckham on the cover saying something in japanese. All in all, a good trip. Now if I can just control myself, the Pocky will last for a few more days...

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