Tuesday, July 22, 2003

It is difficult to imagine spending the kind of money that would buy this Tiffany's ring. Yes, it is beautiful, yes, it reminds me that I'm a girl, and yes, my attraction to sparkly things (like a crow or packrat) would come into play here. However, what does making the gift of this ring really say? That your loved one places a price, however high it is, on your affection? That you are "worth" the price of this ring? That you somehow "deserve" being given such a rich gift, while others with less money may not be so deserving? I for one would simply answer that I am obviously not the one in the relationship who is "worth" such a ring, who "deserves" the right to own it - I believe the person who purchases such a ring is the one with the dubious honor and privilege of posession, not the person who recieves the gift.

That being said, it is gorgeous, isn't it?

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