Wednesday, February 12, 2003


Will people never learn? Last night, Cj and Kacey were both feeling sick, so on our whiteboard, under each of their names, we wrote "Sick" and proceeded to go to bed early. 10:45 is about the earliest we ever go to bed. Anyway, we're all three ready for sleep when somebody knocks on the door... and doesn't stop knocking when nobody answers. Somewhat annoyed, I get down off the bed and open the door. It's some of the people in our hallway, wanting to know if Kacey could put up some posters around the hall. Apparently, they didn't notice the SICK sign on the door, nor the fact that it was about 11 by this time, nor the fact that I was in my pjs. Kacey, however, had volunteered earlier, when she hadn't been sick. So, they left the posters on her desk and left, after hanging around for 5 minutes despite obvious hints to leave. Finally, they're gone, and I get back up in bed. Just as I get comfy, there's another knock on the door. It's another one of the hall people, come for the SAME PURPOSE as the others. I basically say "They already came by," and start closing the door. He starts talking again just before I shut the door, making me feel guilty and open it again. "So, you guys are sick again, huh?" He asks. ARGH. He knocks even though it's late AND there's a note on the door saying how people in this room feel sick. All I say is, "I'm not sick," and start closing the door again. "Well congratulations on that," He says. "Thanks," I mumble as I close the door. By this time it's even later, and I write on the door in marker, "WE ARE SLEEPING. THAT MEANS GO AWAY.

Finally, I think I can get some sleep.

However, after a few fitful hours, my phone starts ringing. The ringtone is really annoying and loud, because lots of times I don't notice that someone's calling me (usually because my phone's in the bottom of the purse). Anyway, I just let it ring. It rings for a LONG time. When it stops, I lay there for a few minutes thinking about how if somebody called me as early as they did, it's probably important. I get up and check my phone, and it says "1 Missed Call: Emily." I call her up, but her phone's not on. Argh. Oh well. I get back into bed. About 10 minutes later, Cj's phone starts ringing. WHAT THE HELL?! He jumps out of bed and picks it up. Turns out it's my mother, wanting to hash out the details of a family vacation we're all taking this summer. O-kay. As Cj's talking to my mom, I realize that Kacey's been woken up, too, by all this. "Hi Kacey." She just looks at me and goes, "Dude. Your mom's on crack." Cj finishes talking to my mom and hangs up. We fall asleep for another hour.

And then THE SAME PEOPLE FROM LAST NIGHT WON'T STOP KNOCKING ON THE DOOR!!! They've come to borrow some TAPE. No, Kacey isn't here. No, I don't know where her tape is. Yes, I am in my pjs and my hair is messy and I'm grumbling to myself. O-kay, I guess we'll go after looking ALL over the room and not letting you go back to sleep. O-kay, bye then!

Did they not notice the sign that said "GO AWAY?" Did they think we were joking? Would you?

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