Monday, July 06, 2009

Okay, so for those of you that saw the photo that was up on the last post (it was a pregnant lady, with the header - "I feel this way when I screw up"), I had a link up to a different photo that apparently got changed to one of a pregnant lady! Oops.

But I guess it serves me right, for not writing here for so long.

Work at the theater (both the one that's paying me and the one that's my passion project) are going well - I'm struggling with the rights to the third play of the season, but that's to be expected. Otherwise I'm pretty much at my threshold for commitment and workload. Any more than this and I start losing track of things and having problems.

Right now I'm babysitting (which I haven't done in a good long while). It's good, I missed the kid. Crazy to me that she can do things now like turn on the water in the bathroom, or change clothes by herself. Simple, but profound.

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