Thursday, May 21, 2009

Writing and Dreams

I had a dream last night that I was in a bank and I got a phone call from a man whose voice I recognized but couldn't place. His tone was all sleazy salesman - he said, "Heyyy, you haven't paid me yet."

I said, "I'm sorry, who are you?"

He said, "it's fine, just give me your credit card number and expiration date and we'll call it square."

I said, "What?"

And then I woke up.


Writing exercises from today at the lab:

1. We were supposed to stare at a light source for 15 seconds and then close our eyes and find a word in the image behind our eyelids. Then we did word association which turned into prose -

imem aria ripening in the canal, give me a lightbulb to burn through the fabric and into the man with the tattered cap, who once read me a story by that fire right there, right there and into the blue.

2. We did a series of prompted exercises, then were told to write a 34 word play using what we'd just written. The 34 words included the stage directions. We were also prompted to write a title using only the letters in our own name, and using them only once each. We didn't have to use every letter.

an ire image

Fi, in the blue.

Fi: fishing weight under the pier, falling faster and fish down below,
heavy, eyes in the dark. I know you, weight, the thing in my foot which keeps me from dancing.

And a quote from today:

"We are absolutely dependent on eachother, and absolutely weird to each other. - Erik Ehn

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kira said...

I am trying to reach Gina about a poem titled "Alex stirs the Lake" are you the same Gina?

If so, I would like to have your permission to share it with the Monterey Library in a creative writing workshop and Community book inspired by my painted photos - this Saturday! thanks,