Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Today. Oh lord, today.

Cj and I both forgot that I had the key to his classroom (I proctor the tests for his class), so I had to drive a half an hour south to give it to him. I had to mail the tests from Saturday first so they would go out today, and there was a huge line at FedEx so I only got to spend about 10 minutes with Cj before he had to go teach. Bah.

On the upside, I returned a scarf that I got way back in December and OH MY GOD, why are there so many amazing sales at Macy's now that I have no money? I exchanged the scarf for a 100% silk tunic that used to be a hundred dollars. It was down to $24. WHAT.

I came really close to getting this vest instead, but realized that I would never wear it. But it made me feel very rock and roll.

By the way, they play this song on the BB Dakota website (where my shirt came from), and I really like it.

Je Veux Te Voir - YELLE

Then, on another downside, my windshield wipers stopped working while I was driving downtown (after driving all the way home from bringing Cj the key). I had to get off the freeway a few times to wipe off the accumulated water because it was POURING out. I eventually made it to my meeting after pulling over at a gas station, a Safeway, and the parking lot of a Jack in the Box. After the meeting the rain had stopped so I drove to Frost's (THANKS FROST) and Cj met us. Turns out some rubber part on the wiper mechanism had deteriorated, but the motor's ok. So it shouldn't be too expensive to replace, I hope.

But now I am home and I am TIRED.

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