Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I got hit with a big double whammy today - the most intense cramps I've ever had since I started taking birth control YEARS ago (yes, I'm sure you wanted to know), as well as muscle pain that begins way down in my right shoulder and radiates all the way up my neck, through my jaw, and into my ear. I don't know where to put the hot pad.

I finally (after a ton of scheduling and other issues) had the first read-through of the show today. It's going to be really interesting; I have to figure out how to convey so many layers, more than a conventional production, and because it's all written in poetry it has to have a really specific rhythm too. Hard to explain.

One of my actors was MIA, but I was past caring. This show needs to get on the road, majorly, or else it will not come together in time... and that's very hard when there's no incentive for people to show up on time and knuckle down. Why is it that all my tech aspects are always super organized and together, and my actors are all over the place?

I also realized I never really said anything about my Cal Arts interview here... it went well. I didn't have to discuss the same play as last year, even though it was supposedly required, which made every subsequent thing go much more smoothly because I wasn't gritting my teeth trying to squeeze out a concept for something I didn't like in the first place, and had already discussed the year before. The program is just so in line with my interests that I had to work extra hard not to act entitled - "So, why am I not already enrolled? What's the holdup again?"

Can't focus, hurting too much. Will let you know if anything develops.

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